Why we want people in forest management

I am doing some reading on the history of Forestry / Forest management in India. I have found some really enlightening quotes. I am quoting one here. This was published by a group of activists (CSE) in 1994. This is a must-read for all of us:
Genesis of the problem:
“Nature can never be managed well unless people closest to it are involved in its management and a healthy relationship is established between nature, society and culture. Common natural resources were earlier regulated through diverse, decentralised community control systems. But the state’s policy of converting common property resources into government property resources has put them at the service of the more powerful. Today, with no participation of the common people in the management of local resources, even the poor have become so marginalised and alienated from their environment that they are ready to discount their future and sell away the remaining natural resources for a
– Statement of Shared Concern in the Second Citizen’s Report on the state of India’s Environment.


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