Youth leaders march further

Our third Netrutva Shibir (leadership camp) in Jawhar concluded last week. The 3-day residential shibir was hosted by the Vayam’s Mandal in Kokanpada village. Two new villages – Hateri-gaothan and Ayre joined this shibir. The shibir focussed on learning the relevant laws (NREGA and FRA) and on learning community mobilisation skills.
Resource persons from Pragati Abhiyan helped in the learning of NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) and also provided excellent learning material. Vayam’s own resource persons taught the FRA (Forest Rights Act). Participants spent one full day in learning the process of filing community claims to protect and manage forests. They used the case-study of two villages of Gadchiroli district to understand the process in detail. N-CAS (National Centre for Advocacy studies, Pune) has published the case studies in the form of a book in Marathi. This book proved to be a good textbook for learning the process.
The final day of the shibir was marked by all participants making their village-action-plans. Kokanpada, Ruichapada, Hateri, and Ayre have prepared plans for next six months. The plans are targeted to improve the Jal, Jungle, and Jameen (water, forest, and land) in these tribal villages.
The most remarkable plan is that of Kokanpada where people are likely to plant trees in thousands!
As is the regular practice in Vayam’s shibirs, all the costs of the shibir were borne by the participants. The hosts i.e. our Mandal of Kokanpada giving a lion’s share.


One thought on “Youth leaders march further

  1. Good to see the update on leadership camp. Especially liked the fact that people are likely to plant thousands of trees in Kokanpada. If they plant 10000 trees and of these even 1000 survive for years to come, then that would be a great achievement on the part of vlillagers and on the part of Vayam for motivating them!

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