Volunteers invited to work/play with children

our kidsVayam is beginning a children’s activity at a tribal village Kogda-Patilpada (10 km north of Jawhar, 145 km from Mumbai, 90 km from Nashik). This activity is nicknamed as “Bin Booka Ya  Shika” (come, let’s learn without books). We are inviting young volunteers to participate and conduct activities with children. Volunteers between 17 to 25 years of age are most welcome. Prior experience of working with children and a special skill e.g. Origami, clay work, rope mallakhamb, gynamstics, story-telling, dramatics, field sports, making toys and tools etc. would be a great advantage. If you love to be with children, you are fit for this.

binbukayashika logo
That’s our logo 🙂

Copy-paste the following text in a word file. Fill the blanks and mail it to us.


Volunteer enrollment form


Date of Birth:


(Note: mention year passed if you are a college student)

Postal address:

City:                                       PIN:

Email id:

Mobile no.: +91

Mobile number of a family member: +91

Family member’s name and your relation:

Information about medical fitness

History of recent or current illnesses:

Physical disability, if any:


Write a few lines (max. 100 words) about each of the following points:

Your experience of working/playing with children (age 6 to 12)

Why do you want to volunteer

Any prior experience of living in a village

What would you like to teach or facilitate

Any special skill or liking; e.g.  Origami, clay work,  storytelling, Rope mallakhamb, gymnastics, sport,  etc.

This volunteering opportunity is open for volunteers (17 to 25 yr old) willing to live at our residence in the village Kogda-Patilpada (140 km from Mumbai, 90 km from Nashik) for minimum 4 days (inclu. 3 nights) to a maximum of 8 days (inclu. 7 nights).

Kindly fill this form and mail it to: vayamindia@gmail.com


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