Better nutrition despite drought

The rainfall is low this year. The impending drought is bringing up many challenges. Vayam’s tribal villages face the possibility of rise in malnutrition. Vegetables crop is down and the market prices are shooting up. Many tribal families with meagre resources will not be able to buy vegetables and will simply give up eating vegetables. 

Vayam has come up with a solution with the participation of tribal families and urban donors. The tribal villagers are digging pits (4 cubic meters). A thick plastic sheet will be laid inside this pit. This pit or ‘Jalkund’ will store about 3,500 liters of rainwater. Sufficient to irrigate vegetables for the family for next 8-10 months. People will stitch teak-leaf and bamboo covers to cover this Jalkund and prevent evaporation. 

Vayam is soliciting donations Rupees One Thousand (1,500) per Jalkund. See ‘donate’ page on this blog for details of sending donations.

vayam_dapti3 vayam_dapti4


2 thoughts on “Better nutrition despite drought

  1. Dear Milind, How would you channalize the urban donors’ contributions. I mean how can one send his/her contribution to VAYAM A/c.? Your Blog needs to elaborate on this point. Dhanyawaad !

    …Shrikant Tambwekar

    On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 11:51 AM, “वयम् (Vayam) आपल्‍या विकासाची आपली चळवळ”

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