The idea of Vayam

Vayam is movement that believes in inclusive and balanced development. Development can not happen nor can it sustain in seclusion or by exclusion. If a few cities grow or swell, and millions of countrymen remain impoverished – our country cannot develop. Development rests on interdependence. One arm can not be strong, if the other is backward, poor, or wretched. Such development will lose its balance, will lack longevity, and will bring blunders to sustain itself.
We have tremendous faith in oneness. The core motivation of Vayam is the sense of belonging to each other. Therefore we believe that we can drive development together! Vayam works in tribal villages and in cities with this spirit. It is not an organisation of the “developed” doing charity for some poor needy humans. It is driven with an equal vigour and valour – by its volunteers from tribal villages and from cities. It is a brotherhood in growth.
Vayam means ‘we’ in Sanskrit. We is an inclusive noun in Indian languages. It includes ‘you’ as well as ‘us’. Vayam’s motto is “apne vikas ka apna abhiyan”!


12 thoughts on “The idea of Vayam

  1. our trust have develope low cast rain water storage system. we have develop
    Rain Water Resource Centreat KARJAT –District– Riagad
    We invite you to visit our Resource Centre.

  2. Hey, sounds promising..can I have one to one basis interaction with any one of you members..?? Actually, I am doctor doing masters in Public health administration, wanna work for tribals in thane district with concept of health and development..

  3. myself ambadas yadav studing m.s.w walchand college of solapur. i had read about your organisation activites. so i give the invitation for your vayam team come to the solapur to intraction our student’s. your team work is very good. another thing i am intresting to join with your organisation so please send me with contact person name & contact no. thanks.

    1. अंबादास, नमस्‍कार. वयम् चळवळीत तुमचे मनःपूर्वक स्‍वागत. तुम्‍ही आमचे संयोजक श्री. मिलिंद थत्‍ते यांना 9421564330 या क्रमांकावर संपर्क करू शकता.

  4. apla lekh mi lokmat oxygen madhe wachla mi khup prabhavit zalo .aaj punha manthan madhye Ubuntu vachala mi aplya likhanacha fan zalo mala jya vyaktine Ubuntu lihila tyache nav ani mob no dyal ka?

    1. मिलिंद थत्ते यांचा नं 9421564330 आहे. On 3 May 2015 20:21, “वयम् (Vayam) आपल्‍या विकासाची आपली चळवळ” wrote:


  5. मला पन आपल्या वयम चा सदस्य व्हायचे आहे.
    त्यासाठी मी काय करू?

  6. I want to be volunteer.What I do? I have note down the mobile no of Milind Thattte.
    Shir.Dhule Pradeep Kachru
    New English School,Dhondgavhan,

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