Yearly feast for friends (Annual 2018)

This 11th year of Vayam movement was as rewarding as previous with the maturity of a ripe mango. Here we share the delights of this year with our friends, well-wishers, donors: 1. Rozgar Guarantee – 104 villages, 7095 people MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) promises 100 days wage employment to all unskilled […]

वयम् वार्षिकी 2017 (वर्ष 10वे)

प्रियजनहो, मकर संक्रांतीच्या शुभेच्छा आणि तीच स्निग्धता आणि गोडी घेऊन पूर्ण झालेले वयम् चळवळीचे दहावे वर्ष. आपल्यासमोर सानंद सादर करत आहोत, दहाव्या वर्षातले दहा षट्कार. 1.     वन हक्कांसाठी रांगेचा सत्याग्रह वन हक्क कायद्याने दिलेले अधिकार अनुसूचित जमातीच्या व वननिवासी नागरिकांना मिळावेत यासाठी वयम् चळवळीने सातत्याने प्रयत्न केले आहेत. 2013 साली 1272 नागरिकांनी केलेल्या माहिती अधिकार […]

Vayam’s Camp Log

The sleepy morning of December 23 found fifteen unusually Vayam chirpy volunteers at the Shivajinagar ST Bus Stand in Pune, eager to embark on an unusual weekend journey, which promised to be a blend of environmental excursions and self exploration, peppered with informal yet issue-specific motivated discussions. Our destination was ‘Patryachapada’- a tribal hamlet located […]

One Kilo Onions for One Kilo Edible Gum?

Sitting on a reclining chair, sipping coffee at Mangesh’s house in Dallas, USA, I was watching the video capture of the Trek our group members did in tribal areas in the vicinity of Javaar. In addition to the video soundtrack, Mangesh was filling up the gaps. We were in self congratulatory mode. The screen showed […]