Yearly feast for friends (Annual 2018)

This 11th year of Vayam movement was as rewarding as previous with the maturity of a ripe mango. Here we share the delights of this year with our friends, well-wishers, donors: 1. Rozgar Guarantee – 104 villages, 7095 people MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) promises 100 days wage employment to all unskilled […]

वयम् वार्षिकी 2017 (वर्ष 10वे)

प्रियजनहो, मकर संक्रांतीच्या शुभेच्छा आणि तीच स्निग्धता आणि गोडी घेऊन पूर्ण झालेले वयम् चळवळीचे दहावे वर्ष. आपल्यासमोर सानंद सादर करत आहोत, दहाव्या वर्षातले दहा षट्कार. 1.     वन हक्कांसाठी रांगेचा सत्याग्रह वन हक्क कायद्याने दिलेले अधिकार अनुसूचित जमातीच्या व वननिवासी नागरिकांना मिळावेत यासाठी वयम् चळवळीने सातत्याने प्रयत्न केले आहेत. 2013 साली 1272 नागरिकांनी केलेल्या माहिती अधिकार […]

Bank of Jawhar, a bank by children

Tribal citizens are often cheated in banking and monetary transactions. Earlier it used to be money-lenders, now it has grown to other spaces. There are some people standing outside banks in tribal towns, who offer to write the withdrawal slips. They charge a flat rate of Rs. 20. The person buying this service often withdraws […]

Better nutrition despite drought

The rainfall is low this year. The impending drought is bringing up many challenges. Vayam’s tribal villages face the possibility of rise in malnutrition. Vegetables crop is down and the market prices are shooting up. Many tribal families with meagre resources will not be able to buy vegetables and will simply give up eating vegetables.  […]

1500 tribal citizens celebrating Democracy

October 1: Jawhar (Dist. Thane) About 1,500 tribal citizens gathered in the tribal town of Jawhar to celebrate Lokshahi Vijay Yatra (Democracy victory) and danced through the streets of the town to the tunes of traditional tribal instruments like Tarpa, Dhol, and Toor. This event was organized by Vayam movement to celebrate the victory in […]

RTI Satyagraha ends victorious!

Vayam’s village volunteers have scored a massive victory in making our democracy work. The RTI Satyagraha that was launched in April by 700 tribal citizens has finally succeeded. These citizens were seeking a vital piece of information that the government was expected to give proactively. The government (i.e. Committee headed by District collector) defied the […]

Forced to fight

Background The government has planned a series of dams to the north of Mumbai in order to satisfy Mumbai’s projected thirst for water in 2025. Twenty four tribal villages from Jawhar (Thane district) and Trimbak (Nashik district) will submerge in these proposed dams. 3,461 hectares of land will submerge. This includes 1624 hectares of forest […]