What can YOU do?

Our approach usually is “let us meet and discuss. Let us see how your capabilities match the needs of our activities. Let us identify the blank spaces that you can fill in.” Vayam does not have many pre-set options for its friends.

We do however have some examples already set by some friends.

  1. Follow ‘nisargaanukul‘ (environment-friendly) lifestyle: use lesser fuel, waste lesser water, use products from decentralised and small industry, volunteer at least for few hours every week.
  2. Volunteer to teach in our weekend camps for 8th to 10th Std students.
  3. If you are an entrepreneur, Be a mentor to our young tribal entrepreneurs.
  4. Learn more about ‘inclusive’ and sustainable development in our camps and treks.
  5. Collect and donate funds for Vayam’s activities
  6. Spread awareness about forest conservation and role of communities in it
  7. Support and lobby for democracy in governing our natural resources

There is a lot more… get in touch with our volunteers… write to vayamindia at gmail dot com


12 thoughts on “What can YOU do?

  1. Hi,

    i am very much inspired with your activities and also have interest in involving your activies and interested to help them if your programme will be arranged then give me its information i will be join you



  2. Hi,
    I had a discussion early this year with Milind.I would like to contribute to the efforts.I can be contacted at 9833484302

  3. we have a beekeeping programme for wada, jawhar,mokhada,vikramgad takukas 25% subsidy on training and equipments this is maharashtra govt.org.can u co-oprate call us 022-2536 6075, 926 000 5166, 976 767 5161

  4. Dear sir/maa’m,
    I read ur article in oxygen lokmat n really inspired and hats of to u for doing this grrat job.
    Sir i want to be the part of vayam bt m doing job in pune bt i hav one sunday off so if i can contribute one day per week plz reply on my mail.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Manik Tengse

    1. Dear Manikji, you can register for Vayam’s training camp. date: 28-29 march, nashik. Age limit: 19-30 yrs.

      २०१५-०१-३१ १७:२९ [GMT]+०५:३०, वयम् (Vayam) आपल्‍या विकासाची आपली चळवळ

  5. vayam is indeed inspirational. I would like to join vayam,.I stay in navi mumbai. please tell me how would i connects with your members?

  6. sir I am not getting actually what is vayam?I got the name vayam sanstha from oxygen lokmat newspaper? Pl reply me the details at Sameer@ nasik asto.com.I am in nasik .what is the part of law in ur vayam sanstha.awaiting for your fast reply.

  7. O my god its real very good i am very impresing your work and i want to also part of ur team.
    I am complited MBA and do such social business for rural .
    Plz guid me

    1. you may contact our coordinator Sumant Joshi at 9370010424 On 4 May 2015 22:56, “वयम् (Vayam) आपल्‍या विकासाची आपली चळवळ” wrote:


  8. नमस्कार,
    मि प्रियंका देसाई, सध्या अभिव्यक्ती या सामाजिक संस्थेत लेखिका म्हणून काम पाहतेय. वयम च्या कामाबद्दल वेळोवेळी वाचलंय, तुमचं काम खरोखर कौतुकास्पद आहे. वयम ला माझा सलाम! या कामात माझीही काही मदत होऊ शकल्यास अवश्य कळवावे. मला वयम सोबत काम करायला मनापासून आवडेल.

  9. Hi,I am interested in volunteering for Vayam.I have completed my MSc. in Biology, and I live near Nashik.I was wondering if there were any such openings for volunteer work where I could help ? I had noticed that there are opportunities for teaching 8th to 10th class students and I think that’s a great idea, and I could contribute to that. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome to volunteer. Please reach us at 9421564330 during office hours. On 2 Dec 2015 14:26, “वयम् (Vayam) आपल्‍या विकासाची आपली चळवळ” wrote:


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