About us


Vayam was founded in 2006 and was registered as a public trust in 2008 in Pune. It was founded by some like-minded friends who had varied experience in community work and social change. Their experience melted together to form the unique structure of Vayam. Vayam has no designations for its members, volunteers, and its agenda is entirely set by the participant community.

We currently work in Jawhar, Vikramgad, and other tribal areas of northern Western Ghats.


Milind Thatte Thinker, writer, expert in community mobilization, and master in resource governance; Lives in a tribal village

email: milindthatte at gmail

Deepali Gogate Teacher, writer, philosopher, expert in innovative education; Lives in a tribal village

email: medeepali at gmail

Amit Tillu Organic farmer, friend of snakes, expert in environment awareness; Farms in a tribal village
Vinayak Thalkar Tribal farmer, expert in community mobilization and local government dynamics; Born and lives in a tribal village
Janhavi Thatte Chartered Accountant, expert in non-profit systems; Has lived in tribal villages of Narmada
Prakash Bhide Entrepreneur, engineer, sensitivity keeper; Lives in Nashik

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  1. we are working at rural area.we need help for planting.how can your group help us.reply urgently.

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